How can we ensure that EVERY kid has basic
technology creation skills?

A guided learning space for primary school teachers to learn how to create with technologies & bring these skills to classrooms

Innovative pedagogical approach

Bringing research-based pedagogical approach to boost creativity, collaboration and critical thinking in classrooms, through future-proof technology creativity skills!

Our method is based on 3 pillars:

Understand: learn various technological concepts.

Practice: put those concepts into practice.

Create: merge concepts with classroom subjects to build, play and learn to CREATE solutions through everyday subjects.

Teacher Learning Success – our No1 Priority

Unlocking the incredible potential of primary school teachers by providing them with:

  • Research-based learning guidance.
  • Skill-building sessions with mentors and peer support.
  • Time-saving, innovative curriculum materials for smooth learning transfer in classrooms.

Teacher's Confidence and Continuity

A guided and continuous learning experience for primary school teachers of all levels – from absolute beginners to advanced ones. Empowered by learning analytics, best tech practises and the latest research.

Time-saving, innovative content for classrooms

How can we explore a solar system while 3D modeling? Or how can we experience math through creative programming? 

We combine daily classrooms topics with technology creation practices, encouraging children to develop and solve a variety of tasks creatively, using practical technological skills.

It's a movement!


We are:

A finalist at MIT Solve’s Global Challenge 2020: Learning for Girls & Women

Concept development project granted by:

i web