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We are a female-founded team with 7+ years of experience in implementing large-scale education projects and building cutting-edge technology solutions.

110,000+ kids impacted and growing!

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Finalist at MIT Solve's Global Challenge 2020: Learning for Girls & Women

World Summit Awards 2022: TOP5 Education Solutions

At the heart of what we do is a strong mission to serve teachers and give every student a chance to become a creator, regardless of their gender, location or socioeconomic background.

How do we develop our Creative Computer Science Curriculum?

Computer science is not only about coding. It can be a very creative practice, where students flourish and unleash their own potential and authenticity.

We design our curriculum in a way that patiently leads a learner from understanding main CS concepts to exploring, using and connecting them while creating unique projects.

Learn more by watching our Curriculum Designer Ruta explain more!

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