A Comprehensive System to Teach Creative Computer Science in K-5

  • Integrate CS across a variety of K5 subjects!

  • Easily apply our award-winning curriculum with time-saving digital lesson guides for students.

  • Inspire creativity, collaboration and joy of learning in every student!

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Finalist at MIT Solve's Global Challenge 2020: Learning for Girls & Women

World Summit Awards 2022: The Best Global Solution in Education Category

1. Bring computer science learning across a variety of subjects.

2. Apply time-saving digital learning buddies for students' self-directed practices.

3. Inspire collaboration, creativity, and a joy for learning in every student!


Teachers Lead Tech emerges as winner at the World Summit Awards, Learning and Education Category

Lesson guides for a
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Our pedagogical approach "Understand. Practice. Create" guides learners from understanding fundamental CS concepts to creating their unique and creative projects..

Easy to share in a classroom: a lesson guide is just one click away. Share a unique and simple code with your students and see their creativity flourish!

Integrate computer science across a variety of subjects

Available courses at the moment:

  • Creative programming with Scratch: 15+ creative lessons, integrated in maths, languages, physics, arts and other practices.

  • AI: lessons, using different tools and concepts, helping students understand AI fundamentals and creating with them in a variety of lessons.

More courses (Digital Literacy and Virtual Reality) will be added by Fall 2023!

Relevant PD workshops
for K-5 teachers

  • Engaging skill-building workshops led by dedicated instructors. Designed to be applicable in your classrooms right away!

  • Experience sharing and community events.

  • Our dedicated team is available to answer all your questions through our live chat.





Students creating unique projects

Learning guides used in the last 6 months

Here is what teachers have to say:

”WOW – kids create their own projects once they grasp the essence of CS concepts. It's a huge motivation for them."

”Kids creativity and intellect is the most important asses that we have – and Teachers Lead Tech helps us to unleash it”.

"I use CS tools in so many subjects, practically every topic can be learned using them. Kids develop analytical thinking, motor skills, creativity."

”This teaching methodology is very consistent, clear and supportive – that's the best way to learn”