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Teachers Feedback

“Any creative process liberates a person, expands one’s thinking. Technological creation raises students’ motivation, teaches them to cooperate, strengthens their self-esteem, and activates brain activity. The use of technology strengthens the relationship between teacher and student. Only by working together can we strengthen each other’s trust and grow every day.“ – Agne Petraitiene
“Technological creation is a medicine for absolutely all children. At least I haven’t met one who wouldn’t try it. May it first be timid, careful…. But then it disciples the hyperactive, frees the timid silents. Individualists enjoy creating alone. Children who can’t be without friends work together. And unlike adults, they know how to celebrate small victories!” – Romualda Bagdoniene
“With the help of technology, often boring things can be presented in a new engaging form. Children learn by communicating and collaborating. Even the biggest stubborns suddenly start wanting to learn and become teaching assistants in the wake of technological fallacies. A modern teacher cannot stand still. She needs to move forward with her students. A teacher who wants to understand technology and apply it in classes will always be fun and exciting for students.” – Jurgita Rasimavičienė
“By applying technological creativity, every child can experience success according to their abilities. Children learn by experiencing everything themselves. Often, children become facilitators working in technology, which makes them feel valued and equal partners. After all, digital literacy is one of the eight key competences of the 21st century.“ – Jurgita Badaraite