Bringing #HealthyMind through Technology Creativity

Healthy planet begins with healthy minds.

In the midst of challenging times for all, we invite primary school teachers to bring emotional well-being solutions to classrooms and CREATE initiatives for better emotional health together with kids.
Our free and open #HealthyMind course guides teachers through the subject and invites for practical technology creativity exercises in classrooms.

Creating technologies merged with...

Calm Mind

Healthy Body

Creative Expression



Why is healthy mind a part of a healthier planet? What is emotional health and what the Covid-19 taught us about it?

How can we talk about our well-being in classrooms, creatively and independently, while gaining future-proof technology creativity skills?


We will learn a way to bring an important message to the world – creating a landing page! Teachers will learn to create a simple, meaningful and creative one.


Let’s put all we have learned into creative practise applicable in classrooms.

Teachers will create an individual, outstanding and creative landing page for one selected subject: calm mind, healthy body or creative expression and will learn how to apply the practise in classrooms.

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for healthy minds & creative solutions to fulfill them.